Cut Resistant Anti Microbial Gloves

KutGlove The ultimate in cut resistant safety gloves from Tucker Safety Products
Protect your fingers and hands. KutGlove (formally named KutGuard) is made with Spectra Guard high performance yarn. DoubleGuard Antimicrobial Protection resists bacteria growth in fabric. Sizes for children (extra small)
FDA, CE, NSF Certified


  • DoubleGuard Antimicrobial Protection
    Guaranteed to last the life of the product!
  • Increased dexterity
  • Greater touch sensitivity
  • Increased comfort, wire free
  • High level of cut resistance
  • Available in six colors
  • Color coded (for foodservice HACCP programs)
  • Sizes Extra Small to Large
  • Elastic cuff for secure fit
  • Machine washable and bleachable
  • Available in 13 gauge for mild to moderate hazard - KutGlove 4
  • Available in 10 gauge for moderate to severe hazard - KutGlove 5

  • All cut resistant gloves are packed one each Caution: Cut resistant gloves are not cut proof or puncture resistant. Do not use with serrated blades or uses such as opening Oysters. Choose a level of protection below. A sizing guide will be found on each item page.